Coq Au Vin and the Wonders of Just Throwing Things in The Crockpot

(Yeah I just went there)

For those of you who don’t know. We LOVE our crockpot. The idea of being able to put dinner on before we go to work and then come back to a perfectly cooked braise or stew is absolutely wonderful, and is great for dishes like one of my all time favorites, Coq Au Vin.

If you don’t speak french, Coq Au Vin translates to Chicken with Wine, which are both wonderful things especially when used together.

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Stuffed Bell Peppers and Kale Sautéed with Red Wine

Good Afternoon everyone! So last week as we were figuring out the meal plan for the week, I remembered that there were bell peppers in the fridge that needed to be used. I hate wasting food, especially when it can be so delicious! Enter stuffed bell peppers!!

Stuffed peppers are super easy, however be forewarned they can also be a little messy to make. The taste makes up for the mess though I assure you, and you will feel like a cooking-boss after making them! This recipe is one of those that uses mainly those staple ingredients in your pantry and fridge, which is easier on your shopping list and planning!


You can stuff peppers with anything you like, so feel free to experiment!! In this recipe I decided to use ground beef, but you can also use turkey, chicken or no meat at all for a vegitarian option. For this meal, I only made two stuffed peppers, however the recipe should make approximately four to six peppers depending on how big your peppers are. If you end up having some of the stuffing mixture left over, do not panic! The stuffing is very yummy on its own, and you will have stuff for lunches the next few days! Win Win!

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Slow Cooker Barbacoa Tacos

Chipotle braising liquid. This Recipe will work for just about any meat.

Sorry for the massive delay in posts, it’s been a crazy week at work and figuring out an apartment for myself and what not. I suppose that’s part of this whole this new adulting thing.

So anyway, I teased a post with the slow cooker…. Which is for barbacoa tacos. We ended up using venison as our meat thanks to Lindsay’s dad, who sent some deer meat with us from back home. Being from the South, it is often that a family member or friend will offer game meat due to an excess. Such was the situation here, so Lindsay and I brought back several bags of stew meat.

For those of you turning up your nose at the idea of “Bambi” don’t be a wuss. In the South, venison is often used as a substitute for beef, especially in the fall and winter months because it is easier to come by with hunting season. (Not to mention deer over population is actually a thing) Venison is actually quite tasty, and is very healthy for your body. It is less fatty than beef and has as a much protein as beef or turkey.

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Let’s Talk About Your Pantry…



I think the main thing that Lindsay and I have found so far is that having a well stocked pantry of staple ingredients, condiments, and seasonings can go a long way in helping to keep meals on budget. Things like cans of diced tomatoes, beans, cream of mushroom, etc. that we have on hand can really add some flavor to almost any dish. A little later I’ll go into our list of the things we almost always have on hand to cook with.

First, though, I just want to take a little bit to talk about how to use these nicely stocked items that you keep on hand, I’ll break these staples down into a few categories. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Your Pantry…”

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